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Nikos Nikolopoulos: “We are missing an opportunity to convert 18 modern bioclimatic schools in Patras

Question by Nikos Nikolopoulos in the municipality of Patras

On the occasion of the announcement of the Municipal Authority for the energy upgrade of school complexes, the leader of the Municipal Party “NEA PATRA” and Mr. Nikos Nikolopoulos asked the following question.

“Unfortunately for our Municipality, with the Communist Anchorages that occupy the tenants of Mikro Maximos of Patras, we lose opportunities and programs.

True to the opinion of their partner Antonis Rallatos at KOMEP, that the Green Economy contributes to the profitability of Capital, they do not proceed to the transformation of the Schools and the Properties of the Municipality into modern Bioclimates.

Because in the announcement of the Municipality for the energy upgrade of the schools, it is mentioned that the popular needs are met.

To know that the Popular Need e.g. of Mrs. Fotini, who lives in the district of Ag. Aikaterinis and is supported by the Food Bank of the Municipality, it is not the freshly painted Schools, but having electricity in the house, it is good for the Communist Authority Peletidis to proceed with the establishment of Energy Communities to provide Free Electricity to the needy in Patras.

Unfortunately, for the contribution of the Energy Communities, in the reduction of the energy cost in the vulnerable social groups, no book has been published since the MODERN ERA, for the competent Deputy Mayors to read and apply it.

Mr Mayor,

In an announcement on 6/4/2021 of the Municipality, you mention the submission of a proposal for energy upgrade of 18 schools for approval, through the NSRF program “Investments in public infrastructure for energy upgrade”.

In this announcement, unfortunately, we find that no reference is made to the conversion of school complexes into autonomous energy, with the installation of Photovoltaic Systems to offset consumption production.

As a result, the Municipality loses the opportunity to transform the specific school complexes into modern bioclimatic schools, reducing much more the financial cost for electricity, which they will pay to PPC.

According to the above, I invite you to inform me the following:

Ø Was there a direction to the working designers, by the competent deputy mayor, for installation of Photovoltaic Systems on the roofs of the schools, for further reduction of the electricity cost?

Ø Will the school complexes be transformed into modern bioclimatic schools, where they will be based on the principles of bioclimatic architecture, specifically to produce energy on their own and to protect the environment?

Ø Will the schools have, among other things, planted roofs, a rainwater recycling system, in addition to the thermal insulation mentioned in the announcement?.

Ø Will schools be an open environment education and information workshop for children?

I hope that you take our above remarks seriously and that the Municipality does not lose once again the opportunities of the European Union programs, for the improvement of our daily life, that the Great Greek politician Konstantinos Karamanlis became a member of us in 1981 “.


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