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Urban agriculture (UA) represents a growing movement toward transforming vacant lots, backyards, and even rooftops into productive green spaces.

As such the urban agriculture has the potential to offer a wealth of benefits.

Like any urban green space, urban farms and gardens can help improve air quality, moderate temperatures, and reduce storm water runoff.

For many inner-city residents, urban farms and gardens may also be the only places where they can regularly experience nature.

Why to further develop urban agriculture (UA)?

  • To produce food in places where population density is highest
  • To reduce transportation costs, connecting people directly to food systems and using urban areas efficiently.
  • To improve the employment rate on national level of the population including serious increase of the labour market inclusion of NEET and people with disabilities on national level

Target groups

  • Adults (low skilled, low qualified, NEET, people with disabilities)
  • Existing urban agriculture small farmers
  • Adult educators
  • Adult training centers
  • Lifelong learning centers

Start date: 03 December 2018
End date: 02 June 2021

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