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Multifunctional Urban Agriculture and Agroforestry for Sustainable Land Use Planning in the Context of Climate Change in Serbia: Soil-Water-Plant Nexus

Faced with the various developments and modern lifestyle trends of urban dwellers toward healthy food and closer contact with nature, people in urban areas have evolved extensive forms of urban agriculture and agroforestry to meet their needs. Urban agriculture and agroforestry systems, as a part of multifunctional landscapes, have various positive effects (they support urban climate amelioration and short food chains, provide fresh food, contribute to urban economic growth, conserve biodiversity, and have therapeutic qualities). However, competing land use needs and the high value of land in urban areas are the major challenges for the development of urban agriculture and agroforestry. In this chapter, the authors analyse urban agriculture and agroforestry as multifunctional and sustainable land use options for urban areas in Serbia. Through selected case studies, the authors give an overview of the physical, planning and institutional capacities for urban agriculture and agroforestry development in Serbia. The authors also identify trends in urban agriculture and agroforestry within the context of the impact of climate change on multifunctional landscapes.


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