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Educational games on climate change

The Environmental Education Center (KPE) of Eleftherios Kordelios & Vertiskos organizes a distance training seminar, through the WEBEX platform of the Ministry of Education on “The climate is changing! We;”How does our lifestyle contribute to the creation of climate change?

  • What are its effects on our lives?
  • How can we change our daily habits so as not to contribute to its deterioration?
  • How can we learn to live with climate change?

Because even if we change our habits today, climate change is already here and we need to learn how to deal with it…

Educating children about climate change is a promising option for changing behavior and taking action to mitigate and adapt to it for both children and adults. In fact, taking an approach that combines fun with education such as educational games seems to be very effective in this direction.

The Environmental Education Center (KPE) of Eleftherios Kordelios & Vertiskos offers the educational community a collection of educational games (serious games) for climate change, developed by its teachers, within the program of “The climate is changing! We;”. Their application with hundreds of students has highlighted in the best possible way the effectiveness of experiential learning and especially of the educational game.

The educational games, together with instructions for their animation and application, as well as a theoretical part on climate change, education on climate change and experiential learning, are offered for use in the educational community through the website of KPE. Educational games for Climate change.

Aiming at the dissemination of educational material and the acquaintance of teachers with this KPE in collaboration with the Heads of Environmental Education of Primary and Secondary Education of East and West Thessaloniki organizes a distance training seminar, through the WE platform 31, -2021 and hours 18:00 – 21:00.

The seminar will be attended by 620 teachers, from schools in Thessaloniki and the rest of the country as well as members of Environmental Education Centers, Heads of Environmental Education and School Activities and Educational Project Coordinators.

The seminar is implemented in the framework of the Operation “Environmental Education Centers (KPE) – Environmental Education (2nd cycle)”, which is implemented through the Operational Program “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning” with the co-financing of Greece and Union.

The Environmental Education Center of Eleftherios-Kordelios and Vertiskos is a body of the Ministry of Education and Religions. It has been operating since 1995 in Thessaloniki, in the Municipality of Kordelio, Evosmos. The aim of its operation is to promote Education for the Environment and Sustainability. Implements educational programs for students and training seminars for teachers of Primary and Secondary Education, coordinates educational networks and produces educational material for the Environment and Sustainability.


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