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Distance learning in environmental education

Distance learning in environmental education- Another response to the pandemic – From the Center for Environmental Education

It was March 9, 2020. At the Environmental Education Center (KPE) of Eleftherios Kordelios, we had the students of the 1st GEL Kordelios and we had started our program for Climate Change when the phone rang and the order was given to stop the program and the students to return immediately at their school… How strange – unprecedented – this instruction had seemed to us then!

Exaggeration some of us thought, it is possible that things are so serious we wondered some others! No one could have imagined what would follow! Reality is often beyond imagination and the situation in which we live due to the pandemic of covid 19 is such a reality that is beyond imagination because there was no precedent in collective memory…

One year is completed by the cessation of the living function of many functions of our daily life!

Exactly one year later, on March 11, 2021, we gladly welcomed again the students of the 1st GEL Kordelio at KPE, but this time in a “virtual visit” to implement our new program online. We firmly believe that the integration of environmental programs in the daily operation of schools as in normal conditions and now in the remote operation of schools, can offer quality educational experiences to children! Of course, the pedagogical team of KPE Eleftherios Kordelios, designed an entirely distance environmental education program called “I speak for my neighborhood” which implements it with secondary school students from all over the country. We have received schools from Evros, Athens, all of Macedonia and of course from Thessaloniki and the Municipality of Kordelio Evosmos, our Municipality. Our environment is the urban environment and this is what we focus on.

So, in this program, together with the students we visit digitally and observe the neighborhoods of the children but also other neighborhoods in other cities, we discuss the basic characteristics that a city must have in order to offer a good quality of life to its inhabitants and we look for individual and collective activation to make our cities better.

The program is implemented through the WEBEX platform of the Ministry. All activities are designed in a way that helps children’s teamwork, critical thinking, communication and creativity. Collaborative documents, collaborative applications, group work, individual work, and plenary discussion are the tools used by students.

The children who implement the program from different schools said:

“I really liked it. It was an experience that breaks the flow of lessons. I learned a lot! “

“It was a surprise for me! I was expecting a boring presentation and instead we did things in collaboration with the other children, we discussed, we pondered and we expressed our views. Very good!”

“I did not think that an online program could be interesting, but I was denied! It was very nice!”.

At the same time, the students of the 1st GEL Kordelio, in the context of the above program, had the opportunity to talk with the Deputy Mayor of Environment and Green of the Municipality of Kordelio-Evosmos, Mrs. Koronidou Alexandra. She was interviewed on environmental issues in the area. They asked the Deputy Mayor questions about the major issues in their area, air pollution due to the operation of the oil plant, recycling, lack of green space, waste management, but also the degree of environmental awareness and awareness of residents.

Mrs. Koronidou willingly, with clarity and straightforwardness, answered all the questions of the students / three, revealing the priorities of the Municipality, the voluntary actions it intends to organize for the environment and, in general, the future plans of our Municipality for the environmental upgrade of the area.

The actions of KPE are implemented in the framework of the Operation “Environmental Education Centers (KPE) – Environmental Education (2nd cycle)”, which is implemented through the Operational Program “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning” with co-financing of Greece and the European Union

Information: Athanassiou Chrysoula, head of KPE Tel .: 2310707150

Kioukia Evanthia, PE02, Deputy Director of the 1st GEL Kordelio


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