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Moral Hobby Garden was established at Karabuk University

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Fatma Zehra Tan (Karabuk University, Business Administration Faculty), within the scope of the social responsibility project, “Unika Moral Hobby Garden” was established within the university campus of Karabük University.

The project was initiated two years ago at Karabuk University, which ranks third in Turkey in terms of the number of international students and has 52 thousand students. 8 decares of land were allocated for the project and the applications for hobby gardens were more than the number of parcels.

“The main aim is to grow organic products in the garden.” In 166 hobby gardens, each of which is 48 m2 , allocated to foreign students, university lecturers and administrative staff by lot, it is aimed to keep away from negative energy and increase the interest in agriculture and grow especially organic products.


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