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Çanakkale Municipality Hobby Park – Drone Images

Çanakkale Municipality has implemented the Hobby Park Project, which will enable citizens to produce organic agriculture in the city center. With the completion of the Hobby Park Project, Çanakkale residents who want to grow their own vegetables will have a new area where they can get away from the stress of daily life and spend time outside.

Citizens willing to have a hobby garden have to apply to the Çanakkale Municipality. Upon completion of the application process, 76 principal and 38 reserve users will be determined with draw. The selected users will be able to carry out their agricultural applications in the area that has come to them in the lot, by paying the usage fee within seven days. Users will have to pay 1 TL + VAT per square meter of the area that will be used for electricity, water and security costs in the Hobby Park. Each user will be able to use a hobby area for only 3 years, so that all the demanding citizens can also benefit of the Hobby Park. In addition, planting of 1-year-old plants will be allowed in the area. The inspection and technical support of the area will be provided by the Park and Gardens Directorate of the Çanakkale Municipality. In the video below, you may view the Hobby Park.


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